Tracy Scollon Photography | About

Meet Tracy Scollon, Your Lifestyle Portraiture Photographer based in Raleigh, NC.


Always having a passion for photography, as a young teenager Tracy aspired to be a photographer for the National Geographic.  She's always had big dreams but sometimes those don't work out when we want them to and that's okay!  But dreams do come she opened her part-time photography business in 2010, while juggling a family and a full-time job.  Thankfully she never gave up on her dreams and as of this wonderful year of 2017, she's able to devote herself full-time to creating a successful photography business and more time to devote to capturing priceless moments of your life too!  She has an exceptional "eye" for capturing the most candid, unrehearsed moments!  She loves all genres of photography, especially black & white, macro and candid photography but nothing warms her heart more than capturing that one rare moment of a child laughing hysterically, or the sweet look that a husband gives his bride, or the intricate details of a flower in full bloom! It's all beautiful and all part of God's creations!  She is a passionate photographer that also wishes to give back to the community and the world by contributing to various projects, mission trips, and fundraisers.  


"I'm so very thankful for all my supporters over the years who have cheered me on and encouraged me!  I am so blessed that I now have the opportunity to use my God-given talent in my full-time photography business.  I'm a believer, a wife & a mom who loves photography, traveling, crocheting, knitting, gardening, adventures, spending time with my family, shenanigans with my friends, playing board games, and loving on my pets!  God is faithful.  I'm living proof!"  ~  Tracy


Tracy loves and maintains her clients due to her happy disposition and the ability to become friends with everyone. She spends time getting to know you and interacting with you and your kids so that you have a relaxed, carefree, and fun session!  Who wants great pictures but a stressful, horrible experience?!?!  Chris, Tracy's husband, is her biggest supporter, and her daughter is her biggest fan and tells everyone about her mom's new career in fulfilling her dream!  She also tags along on sessions to help hold reflectors, diffusers, entertain kids, or carry equipment. Tracy is blessed with a loving husband, a wonderful daughter, 2 cool stepsons, 2 petite fur-baby dogs and Elvis The Cat.  She's one lucky wife and mama!!




Native North Carolinian

She's never had anything dry cleaned!

She can make galloping noises with her tongue to the tune of The Lone Ranger.

She's obsessed with old VW buses and hopes to own a 1967 model some day....running or rusted, it doesn't matter!

She secretly dreams of living off the land, in a camper (or tiny house)......but with internet! ha ha

She's very independent and can do anything she sets her mind to doing.....including what's typical considered "guy" things......change oil, run a chainsaw, drive a dump truck, motorcycle, tractors, etc. 

Despite being a "starving artist", she's the happiest she's ever been (because she's finally living her dream after dreaming about it for 40 years)!!